How To Deep Clean Your Dryer Duct Guide

Drying clothes especially on a rainy season is tricky but thanks to the dryer, drying clothes is a lot easier. Dryer helps in drying our clothes by evaporating the water and turning it to steam releasing it out in an exhaust vent. The dryer is powered by an electric or gas powered heater that’s why it is considered a fire hazard. As a matter of fact, the dryer is one of the major cause of house fire nowadays. That’s why cleaning your dryer duct is required. Follow these steps to clean your dryer duct.

1. Locate your Duct – To clean your dryer’s ventilation system properly, you must first know where it is located and where it ends.

2. Safely Disconnect the Dyer – After locating where your duct starts and ends, safely disconnect your dryer by unplugging the machine’s power cord from the outlet first. Turn off the gas valve if you are using a gas-powered dryer. Then remove any clamps or metal tape attached to your dryer vent pipe. Then, gently pull the vent pipe that is attached to the wall duct. If you are using an electric dryer then, you can push the unit away easily without any issue. But if you are using a gas powered dryer, then be extra careful and avoid gas leaks because they are dangerous. If you think you cannot handle it properly, then call for a Professional to help you out.

3. Clean it – Now that you have safely removed the dryer, clean it using a dryer vent cleaning kit. Insert the brush end the spin and twist it to clear debris in it. Then use your vacuum hose to clean your dryer brush. After doing so, inspect the vent cap to ensure it is clean and check the flapper to ensure it’s working properly.

4. Reconnect everything – After cleaning it, tidy up and put everything back. And make sure that you have reconnected everything.

5. Do a trial run – After putting everything back, do a trial run to test your dryer and see if it’s working properly.

Cleaning dryer vent is not an easy task. If you are looking for a professional dryer duct cleaning service, then contact Dryer Duct Cleaning. You can reach us by calling +1 804-000-0000 or visit our website.

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